Top Tips for Maintaining Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas may be there for our enjoyment predominantly during the warmer months, but if they are to look their best for the summer barbie then keeping them well maintained really is an all the year round undertaking.  Here are a few small tips for getting the best from your outdoor space:

  1. Look After Your Lawn

Grassed areas need lots of tender loving care.  The lawn showpieces your garden every bit as much as the flowers and the furniture, and an unkempt lawn will invariably give the whole outdoor area a shabby appearance.

There isn’t a huge amount to be done during the warmer period, other than a little weeding and mowing.  However autumn is precisely the time for gardeners to up their game. To avoid thatching or matting don’t allow it to grow too long.  The onset of the cooler weather provides the perfect impetus for reseeding, whether in selective areas or over the whole ground.

  1. Switch Off Water Lines

As the really cold weather sets in the chances increase that pipes will burst and outside water lines needed for irrigation will split.  Although they may still be used for watering it is important that lines are switched off and hoses are drained overnight to minimise the chances of major damage.

  1. Protect Trees and Foliage

Woodland, even in small concentrations, needs professional care.  Be sure to pay attention to the effect that any work undertaken has on ecosystems, or on ponds or lakes which could be polluted.  Surrey forestry experts have published recommendations on how best to manage foliage at the various stages of the annual cycle, with particular emphasis on protecting the surrounding environment.

  1. Root Out Weeds

Weeding should be attended to more or less all the year round, not just during the more clement weather when the lawn is being used.  Again the onset of autumn is the time to really begin to get to grips with the problem. Dead weeds should be pulled up and if necessary composted.

  1. Protect Outdoor Furniture

Aluminium or iron furniture should be covered out of season or brought inside.  Do not leave cushions or other perishable items outside where they could suffer fading or be damaged by water or by bird droppings.  

  1. Wash Patios and Paving

A good spring clean of your patio or paved area should clear away any debris accumulated during the winter season.  This minimises deterioration of the joints of the pavers and prevents water from getting underneath them. In cold conditions water trapped under paving or stone patios can cause damage due to freeze-thaw cycles.

  1. Powerwash Decks

Vinyl or composite decks can be cleaned manually although wood decks require a bit more work.  Use a pressure washer and be sure to remove any debris. Look out for any boards that need to be repaired or fasteners lifting out of the surface.  Autumn is also an ideal time for resealing or adding any extra protection that is needed.