Simple DIY tips to help your home sell quicker

The current property market is favouring the buyers, not the sellers. Due to this, those that are attempting to sell their home are finding it increasingly difficult to do so and this is causing a lot of stress but also a loss of money.

There are many reasons you may be struggling to sell your home. From location to neighbours, decor to outdoor space there are a huge array of factors a prospective buyer is looking for in the perfect home. Whilst many of these important factors may be out of your control, there are many things you can simply change in your home to help the property sell faster.

Paint it neutral

Your prospective buyers will hope to be able to see their own personalities within the household when they pay a visit to your home. This will be harder for them to do if your own personality is still clearly present. This may mean reducing a whacky and wild colour scheme or removing controversial art. You may even want to paint your rooms a white colour and this will also help the rooms to appear larger and more spacious.

Grubby grouting and tired taps

Look at your bathroom properly. If your taps are dull, stained or covered in mildew, replace them with shiny new ones. And if your grouting is looking a bit grey and grubby, it’s time to get the trowel out. You can do both these things for under £30.00 but they’ll make your bathroom seem so much more clean and inviting. Nobody relishes the thought of a soak in a bathroom that looks like it gets cleaned by a student.

Ditch the carpets

Manky carpets are definitely out of vogue at the moment, as they always have been, but before you go out and buy expensive wood flooring, see what lies under your carpet. It may be that your current floorboards can just be sanded and varnished, which is much more appealing and more affordable than laying afresh.

Get organised

It’s easy for our homes to get chaotic and cluttered, especially if we have a family, but this won’t impress buyers and will also make your home look much smaller. Install shelving or cupboards — anything that will help your home look more organised and streamlined.

Deep clean

It may not be DIY as such, but you’d be amazed how many people don’t give their homes a really good clean before inviting prospective buyers round. You may not notice your dirty skirting boards but you can bet your prospective buyers will. Give them — and everywhere else — a proper clean. And don’t forget the windows.

If you have tried these techniques and more, yet are still struggling to sell your home, you may want to consult an expert and see if there are any other factors, specific to you, that could help get the ball rolling. Whilst such services are often costly, they are effective and could be the difference between a sold house and an empty house.