Are you a hobbyist, a tradesman or otherwise? Do you like dabbling with DIY but can’t quite find how to do something in particular? Simply looking for a tradesperson to carry out a tricky job beyond your expertise? First of all, my blog is the place for you, but secondly you might just want to get in touch with questions, queries and even ideas!

With all of your DIY exploits, it’s important to put safety first. Some things aren’t so obvious to the hobbyist DIYer or even if you’re undertaking something for the first time ever. A simple and quick message here, through our contact page,  or via my email address will give you access to an abundance of tips and tricks on how to approach your dream project safely and effectively.

There are what seem to be a million-and-one tradesmen, suppliers and materials out there. It’s daunting even for the most experienced DIYers when looking for the right stuff. Narrowing your search and efforts is perhaps the most important step in achieving your handy goals and creating that item or finished project you pictured in your head to begin with.

Having a click through my blogs might even trigger ideas you would never have dreamed of – for example, how to make the best of your new (or old) home, or how to spruce up your house before sticking it on the market. Buyers are forever on the lookout for little gems with a personal touch, or where the bulk of the cosmetic work has already been done. As the seller, this needn’t be costly nor time consuming. Find DIY is the source for you, whatever your background, whatever yours decorating and renovating needs.

You could be a professional or an amateur. Even if you are just visiting out of interest, get in touch with us and it might just open (perfectly hung) doors to you!